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Government Affairs & Public Employee Defense

Our firm's most highly experienced attorneys successfully defend lawsuits against government bodies and employees, including allegations of police misconduct, free speech, constitution law, and medical or mental health cases.


We have extensive experience defending a myriad of civil rights actions, including so-called wrongful conviction cases, police-involved shootings, false arrest, malicious prosecution, fabrication of evidence, excessive force, wrongful death, involuntary commitment, and prosecutorial misconduct. Through a deep understanding of the law and the constitution, as well as unmatched expertise defending these cases at trial, our firm is uniquely experienced in defending some of the most high profile and significant civil rights cases.


As a government employee, you may be the subject of a complaint or an investigation by internal units like the Internal Affairs Bureau, the Civilian Complaint Review Board, Department of Investigation, or similar entities throughout the government. Our attorneys' success in defending officials in this position is based on gathering the right evidence and helping them speak to investigators or testify to disciplinary boards, panels, or hearing officers about the situation they faced and the decisions they made, in an effective and compelling manner. Our superior expertise working with officers, officials, and employees can help you overcome these challenges, and continue your commitment to serving and protecting the public.


As a government official or employee, you may be asked or subpoenaed to participate in interviews or give testimony about your actions or decisions while on the job or in your role. Whether you are a district attorney, a doctor in a public hospital, an investigator in a major criminal investigation, or an educator in a public school or college, your testimony may be crucial to protecting your reputation and avoiding liability. After all, no one enjoys being questioned or criticized about decisions they made in often difficult and serious circumstances. Our firm will help you prepare and give your best presentation in these often aggravating and challenging circumstances.


In today's environment, government bodies and their officials and employees often feel like they are under attack from every direction. The constant assault on our public institutions can feel like a distraction from what you joined the government to fulfill, to provide the public with your best efforts and service. Our firm has a proven track record of standing up for public officials, and can offer unique insights to defending challenges to a government or agency's policies or practices.

In addition to our litigation services, our firm's experience and knowledge of the public sphere can offer your governmental organization the guidance and advice it needs to navigate this challenging environment, anticipate avenues of attack, and fulfill its obligations under the federal and state constitution, as well as the myriad of federal, state, and local laws that apply to your entity, agency, or organization.


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